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Bane to Boon: A Better Way to Manage Used IT Equipment

Bane to Boon: A Better Way to Manage Used IT Equipment

Changes in business technology — from the proliferation of mobile devices to the rapid adoption of server virtualization and cloud computing — have made their mark on the IT landscape.

While all of these innovations have improved information technology’s ability to boost efficiency, scale and business performance, the sea change comes with its own set of challenges. Vast amounts of IT infrastructure is taken out of service every year either because it has reached the end of its useful life in its current form, or it has been displaced by one of these newer, disruptive technologies.

One consequence of disruptive innovation in IT is the amount of decommissioned tech gear piling up in the storage rooms and warehouses of enterprises worldwide.  Business decision makers today have a new variable when it comes to evaluating the ROI of IT modernization, namely how to manage end-of-life IT assets while managing concerns about data security, the environment, compliance and risk management, and the ability to recoup technology investment dollars.

In this whitepaper, we’ll examine the challenges — and opportunities — presented by IT lifecycle management and discuss effective IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) strategies that can be employed to extract value from old electronics equipment while safeguarding data, meeting regulatory requirements and protecting the organization’s brand.

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