CNE Direct Announces Jerry Quill as New CEO

CNE Direct Announces Jerry Quill as New CEO

CNE Direct founder and CEO, Paul Knight, has announced that he is promoting the company’s current VP of Corporate Strategy, Jerry Quill, to take over his position as CEO and assume responsibility for CNE’s day-to-day operations, effective June 19, 2017.

Quill had previously been the company’s CFO and, after a brief hiatus, returned in a more broadly defined role in late 2015. For the last two years, Quill has undertaken projects touching all parts of the company’s business, including Finance, Operations, and Business Development.

Knight will stay on as a full-time employee, focusing specifically on new business development and high-level oversight, and will continue to serve as Chairman of the company.

“Jerry’s ability to execute on a wide range of responsibilities is unrivaled by anyone I’ve ever worked with,” said Paul Knight, CEO, CNE Direct. “He is as comfortable in an Accounting and Finance role as he is in a Business Development role. He led the effort to help CNE recover from the fire in July of last year causing complete destruction of our company’s headquarters and main warehouse with 700 pallets of material and millions of dollars of testing equipment. His efforts were nothing short of heroic - and we have reached the other side of that tragedy stronger than ever. Jerry is highly respected and admired throughout the CNE organization and will make a great leader.”