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CNE Direct Now Certified to the R2v3 Standard

CNE Direct is proud to announce our facilities have received R2v3 certification. The CNE Direct facilities in Peabody, Massachusetts; Memphis, Tennessee; and Rozenburg, Netherlands have received the prominent R2v3 recycling certification known as The Sustainable Electronics & Recycling (R2) Standard v3 (R2v3).

The CNE Direct R2v3 certifications are applicable to downstream vendor management, logical and physical sanitization and test of used IT equipment and components for the global market. Additionally, the CNE Direct Peabody, Massachusetts location is certified for brokering under the R2v3 standard.

What is R2v3 certification? The R2 standard, developed by SERI, (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) is a common set of criteria to recognize responsible reuse and recycling practices along the used portion of the electronics lifecycle. The R2 certification process is a formal certification program that evaluates and monitors businesses in protecting the environment, the health and safety of workers, communities, and positively impacting a sustainable circular economy. R2v3 is the latest revision of the R2 standard.  SERI and SERI R2 certified recyclers have the ultimate mission  “to create a world where electronic products are reused and recycled in a way that results in resource preservation, the well-being of the environment, and the health and safety of workers and communities.”

Beyond certification to the R2v3 standard, CNE Direct is also certified to the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system, and the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. Additionally, the Peabody, Massachusetts facility is certified to the TAPA FSR level A requirements (Transported Asset Protection Association Facility Safety Requirements). TAPA FSR certification specifies the minimum acceptable standards for secure warehousing, or in-transit storage, withing a supply chain.

Combined, these certifications demonstrate CNE Direct's ultimate commitment to the delivering the highest quality, environmental, health & safety, and responsible recycling employed in our industry.

For more information about CNE’s full suite of certifications, please visit our certifications page.