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Creating Your ITAD "Dream Team"

 Here are some tips on how to create your ITAD “dream team” — with or without dedicated ITAD staff.

To maximize your IT cost recovery, you need a team to manage your IT assets from acquisition to disposal. Surprisingly, creating this ITAD “dream team” probably doesn’t require any new hires — just identifying some key players and making sure they are communicating.

And size doesn’t matter. Both large and small organizations can realize benefits from creating a lean, forward-looking ITAD program. Let’s get started.

Identify your key players.

Larger companies implementing ITAD solutions can draw from these four major constituencies:

  • Information technology staff
  • Operations staff
  • The Finance team
  • Procurement staff

The ideal ITAD team would get input from all of these areas. Together your team members’ roles should encompass IT asset maintenance, tracking of existing IT equipment, as well as acquisition of new items. This “lifecycle” approach sets you up for getting the maximum cost recovery out of your used IT equipment.

One or two of these constituencies may exert more influence on ITAD decisions, but the degree of influence should vary based on the needs of your organization. The main thing is that all four groups should have a presence on your ITAD team.

Streamline your staffing.

Some companies — recognizing the huge potential for IT value recovery — have broken out specific teams of people to run an ITAD program. These organizations don’t settle for “mailing it in” and losing half the value of their used IT assets. They understand that just shipping out assorted used IT assets on a quarterly schedule won’t provide the maximum value recovery.

For companies with a very large potential for ITAD recovery, the ideal situation is hiring one or more specific people to focus on ITAD value recovery. The ITAD staff then interfaces with a team of representatives from IT, operations, finance and procurement.

Choose a leader.

Any group needs a leader. Even if you are working with a smaller organization that doesn’t have those four distinct groups of staff, you should identify a team of employees whose work touches these areas and — most importantly — choose a leader.

Who should lead? This decision depends on the priorities of your company. Are you most interested in minimizing costs of procurement or in tracking used assets and centralizing them? Your team can help identify ITAD goals that align with your organization’s priorities.

Enjoy ITAD cost recovery success.

By putting these tips in action, you are set to maximize your ITAD cost recovery. Remember: creating your ITAD “dream team” doesn’t necessarily require a lot of resources, just some key employees armed with good organizational skills.

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