Looking to reduce IT asset spending, increase security and maximize ITAD cost recovery? Try a HAM.

Most major data breaches involve software. So, companies are aware that software asset management plans offers financial benefits and security gains. But what about tracking all of the expensive hardware that your valuable software requires to function?

Just as software asset management (SAM) plans enhance security and minimize costs, critical foundation hardware assets can also benefit from closer management. Hardware asset management, known as HAM, provides a natural segue from efficiently utilizing your company's IT assets to a well-managed disposal process.

HAM, Defined.

A HAM plan, as defined by The ITAM Review, covers the lifecycle of the physical components of your IT equipment from procurement to retirement. This lifecycle-based approach provides clear tracking during the life of your hardware for security purposes. It can also tie into a SAM, creating a more robust monitoring system for your overall IT assets.

So what does a HAM strategy look like? HAM can be as simple as a spreadsheet inventory of IT assets, or a more complex business software system. As the publication CIO notes, using analytics could offer the next step to improving your HAM. No matter what option you use, reduced spending and increased security are obvious benefits to implementing a HAM.

HAM and ITAD: Maximizing the Returns.

When it comes to disposal of assets, having an active IT disposition schedule for your hardware can offer a potentially large cost recovery. Knowing what hardware you have and when it is ready to retire across an entire organization — rather than in just one location — can provide huge benefits. Scaling up will get you the best value for your reusable IT assets.

For example, one component that offers the most resale value after refurbishment is a hard drive. With up to 60% total value, knowing where your hard drives are and when they are ready to be replaced can result in serious cost recovery.

Bottom line: a HAM offers clear benefits throughout the lifecycle of your hardware for reducing spending, increasing security, and maximizing your potential for ITAD cost recovery at the end of the line.

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