Aside from data security, consider these 3 factors when seeking an ITAD vendor.

If you are tasked with disposal of used or surplus IT assets, data security probably ranks as your number one concern — and for good reason. But considering a range of other issues could help you maximize your value recovery. Read on for 3 significant factors to consider in finding your best ITAD vendor match.

3 other factors to consider in ITAD

1) ITAD and environmental responsibility

Why should you look for an environmentally responsible ITAD vendor? We are all familiar with the risks associated with sensitive data on used IT assets such as HDD. But beyond data security, the physical components from these materials can also present a serious risk to the environment.

Your surplus IT assets potentially contain valuable raw materials, including gold, silver, palladium, iron, copper, aluminum, in addition to toxic heavy metals, as described by a recent United Nations Report. This mix could be headed to the landfill unless you can tap into a recycling or reuse/refurbishment network.

Fortunately, an excellent ITAD vendor can make your organization part of the solution, not the problem. Key certifications can help you identify an environmentally responsible asset disposal service.

One example is the intensive R2 certification, put forth by the non-profitSustainable Electronics Recycling International. R2-certified vendors are audited to ensure that they offer maximum product reuse/refurbishment and recycling, as well as monitor downstream handlers of recycled materials. The R2 certification ensures a vendor’s commitment to handling your products in both a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

2) Trash versus cash: What to know about ITAD and refurbishment

The initial screening phase of IT recycling will likely result in the rejection of some products as unusable. But what happens next in the process is critical to your value recovery.

To ensure you leverage the full value of your IT surplus, take a closer look into your IT-asset-disposal service’s review process. Are they satisfied with just one round of review before sending hard disk drives to the shredder? Do they offer repair services for both physical and software problems? A service that offers additional phases of screening and both physical and software repair for your E&O can help you reclaim the value of those otherwise rejected units — and keep them out of landfills.

3) Value recovery — How to tap in to an established IT asset resale network

While you may be confident that an ITAD vendor will conduct a secure, thorough review and refurbishment process, how can you be assured that your surplus IT assets will find the market? Looking for an ITAD vendor with a robust global network is the next step.

One key question: does the company hold not just offices, but also warehouses on multiple continents? Facilities in strategic locations will position your IT assets for resale and offer access to the ideal markets for your surplus IT holdings.

The impact of your decision

We are generating massive amounts of electronic waste worldwide. The UN reports that 46 million tons of electronic waste was generated in 2014 alone, with only 15.5 percent of that formally recycled. Tapping into a network of global resale managed by a certified vendor can lift your assets out of the cycle of waste. Fortunately, asking potential vendors a few straightforward questions about recycling, refurbishment and networks puts you ahead of the curve and on your way to maximum value recovery.

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