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Maximizing Value Recovery from Excess & Obsolete Inventory

September 25, 2017


Managers tasked with getting rid of excess or obsolete IT inventory face many challenges: security, logistics, and — often most contentious — value recovery. Here’s some insight from a seasoned value-recovery professional about maximizing investment recovery in this complex process. 

Consider the process

Value recovery should not be limited to one part of the ITAD process. Value recovery considerations should be built into every step — from the close tracking of your inventory to effective refurbishment to resale. A vendor should provide you with a clear, straightforward description of how they plan to maximize your value throughout their handling of your used IT assets.

Finding your ideal ITAD partner

So, how do you know you are working with a vendor who will maximize the value of your retired IT assets? A few key attributes set apart vendors that focus on value recovery.

First, look for an ITAD vendor that handles all phases of the ITAD process. That one simple factor gives you added confidence that the vendor will always securely handle your equipment and track it throughout the process. 

Data security is always an important consideration, so you should inquire about a potential partner’s process for wiping HDD and other sensitive media. They should comply with the NIST standards and hold other key certifications.

During the sorting and screening process, your assets will be graded. The grading process ensures optimum resale value by helping potential buyers match the quality of the used IT assets with their needs.

Sorting and screening generally turns up some units that are not easily repairable. The effort that goes into the next steps will set apart ITAD vendors that focus on value recovery versus disposal. Your ideal vendor should demonstrate repair expertise — for example, in the form of longer, more thorough software repair cycles. Ideally your partner should be able to repair almost all of the HDDs that come through their process, thus maximizing your potential recovery. 

The bottom line: finding markets for resale

Perhaps the most important question for a potential vendor: how will you connect my products with the right resale market?

Worldwide, sales of used IT assets are booming, according to analysis by Gartner. You should look for a vendor with wide geographical coverage, holding warehouses globally, with connections to a range of markets.

The size and history of the company are a good start to determining how connected they are worldwide. Product-remarketing expertise sets apart vendors that specialize in resale.

Finally, do not hesitate to request references from your potential vendor. Qualified references can provide you with confidence that you are partnering with the best possible value-recovery specialist.

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