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December 2017

smart contracting

Smart Contracting to Get Your Best ITAD Value


In the fast-moving world of ITAD, global demand for high-value electronics fluctuates. Even if you are working with a trusted ITAD provider, it’s a good idea to periodically revisit your ITAD contract. Taking a closer look at both the assets your company holds and how your ITAD provider handles them could reveal room for improvement on both sides. The good news: with the right ITAD provider, a few simple organizational steps can set your company up for maximum value recovery.

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circular economy

How Tapping into the Circular Economy of IT Asset Disposal Benefits You


What’s your organization’s vision for sustainability and used electronics? And how do you know if your ITAD partner shares that vision?

Most ITAD companies boast a range of environmental certifications. And most certifications are a great sign of a company’s commitment to environmentally 

and socially responsible ITAD­ — an important commitment, for sure.

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November 2017

environmentally responsible ITAD.jpeg

The Importance of Environmentally Responsible ITAD [Infographic]

The surge in e-waste over the past decade is having alarming effects on our environment, especially in developing countries. According to the United Nations, humans generated over 46 million tons of e-waste in 2014, a number that is estimated to increase to 55 million tons per year by 2018.

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