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November 2017


Do You Need a Hardware Asset Management Plan?


Most major data breaches involve software. So, companies are aware that software asset management plans offers financial benefits and security gains. But what about tracking all of the expensive hardware that your valuable software requires to function?

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data center

Your ITAD: Profit Center or Cost Center? (HINT: It Depends!)

It’s no secret that more and more large corporate IT organizations and data centers are embracing a formalized ITAD program. Often driving these efforts are the recognition of problems arising from an unorganized process for managing retired IT assets.

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October 2017

Best Practices for Data Breach Prevention in ITAD

Data breaches are not a threat of the past. This real and complex threat increasingly plagues companies that are amassing more data and retiring more IT equipment than ever before. The Ponemon Institute, a research institute focused on privacy and data security, released a 2017 study that shows the costs of data breaches rose for the past 4 years in the United States. While the majority of data breaches are related to malicious attacks on hardware, secure disposal of IT assets presents a critical point in data breach protection.

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