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June 2015

Check These Boxes Before Your Big Data Center Consolidation

Cloud transformations, virtualization and a proliferation of high-density, low-profile servers are roiling traditional data centers. Rare today is the CIO or IT director that is not engaged in some form of data center consolidation or, at least, considering one.

And why not? The benefits are many and obvious: Improved performance and capacity for innovation, a reduction in management overhead, and perhaps best of all, radically reduced costs for power, cooling and real estate.

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May 2015

Advances in Health IT Raise Stakes for IT Asset Management

By now, everyone is familiar with medical waste containers, the bright red boxes emblazoned with the “biohazard” symbol that dot the halls and offices of most health care facilities. They have one purpose, to hold dangerous, potentially infectious trash out of the regular waste stream for safe disposal.

It’s all very neat and tidy… but perhaps no longer completely adequate.

As technology continues to transform these same health care organizations, IT administrators and CIOs are being confronted with a new kind of medical waste, and this type won’t fit neatly in a little red plastic bin. This waste currently resides on the desktops and data centers of health care practitioners, and while it may look harmless enough, if handled improperly this e-waste is as big a risk to the organization as tainted syringes and used surgical tools.

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PC Makeover: Program Aims to Make Refurbished Electronics More Attractive as Global e-Waste Stream Swells

In an effort to increase the amount of used tech gear that goes to a new desktop rather than a dumpster, Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) is joining forces with software giant Microsoft to improve incentives for both buyers and sellers of refurbished computers.

The new R2 Ready for Reuse Project pilot program kicks off with the creation of a searchable online database of refurbished computers that have been tagged and logged after being inspected for quality of performance. The hope, according to the program’s organizers, is to make the reconditioning and reuse process more transparent in order to give buyers of refurbished wares more confidence that the units are in good, solid condition.

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