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August 2018


Introducing the ITAD Liquidity Scale: Capturing Maximum Value for Your Used and Excess Assets

August 27, 2018


Selling used data center equipment on the global market is part art and part science. You not only need to know when your company has gotten the most from its IT assets but you also need to know when those assets have the greatest value on the global market. Finally, you need to balance these two sometimes contradictory pieces of information. As ITAD professionals, we’ve had years of experience tracking data center equipment and matching it to the right market to recover the maximum value for our clients. This requires that we sell these assets when they reach their peak liquidity in a specific market.  

Here are the 3 steps we take to capture peak liquidity:

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Big data, ITAD, reverse logistics

The Role of Big Data in ITAD and Reverse Logistics

August 16, 2018


Although still relatively new in its application, big data is changing the way ITAD providers do business. Using big data and cloud-based technologies, modern ITAD providers are able to develop much more efficient reverse logistics, streamlining the process of getting your used data center assets to market and significantly improving value recovery.  

Here are three ways big data is helping ITAD providers achieve maximum value recovery:

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Reverse Supply Chain, Emerging Markets

The Value of Distribution Channels to Reverse Supply Chains

August 9, 2018


One of the goals of any good IT asset management plan is to recover the maximum value of used data center equipment to have seed funds to reinvest in new equipment or software upgrades. To do this effectively, you have to consider your reverse supply chain. 

Most companies focus on the traditional supply chain, which moves goods from the vendor, often a manufacturer or reseller, to the customer, a reseller or end-user. The reverse supply chain refers to the movement of products from the customer, in this case, your organization, to a vendor. In some cases, that vendor is the original equipment manufacturer. But you can often recover greater value by working with an ITAD partner. 

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