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December 2014

Cloud, Fog and the Disappearing Data Center

New forms of hosted and “as-a-service” computing are roiling data center architectures. Here’s what to know when it comes time to downsize the data center and decommission servers.

Walk around the data center of most businesses today and you’ll notice there’s a lot less of … well… just about everything.

The endless rows of racks sporting blinking and flashing servers, the army of power supplies, the steady thrum of legions of cooling fans have either been replaced by high-density, low-power servers packed with virtualized systems or made obsolete by ubiquitous cloud computing services.

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The Mobile Workplace Is Here to Stay

There’s no turning back on mobility initiatives in the enterprise now. The trick is making sure that legion of smartphones and tablets is appropriately managed and secured, and that devices get properly de-provisioned and disposed of when the time comes.

Take a walk around the modern office and what do you see? The rows of identical gray cubicles sporting identical gray PCs connected with identical gray wires have mostly given way to open floor plans, colorful collaborative spaces and a proliferation of mobile computing devices of every imaginable flavor.

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HIPAA, SARBOX, PCI and the Alphabet Soup of Doom

Depending on the business you’re in, the indiscriminate disposal of old HDDs and other storage media can quickly rise from really bad idea to violation of the law.

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