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August 2018

Reverse Supply Chain, Emerging Markets

The Value of Distribution Channels to Reverse Supply Chains

August 9, 2018


One of the goals of any good IT asset management plan is to recover the maximum value of used data center equipment to have seed funds to reinvest in new equipment or software upgrades. To do this effectively, you have to consider your reverse supply chain. 

Most companies focus on the traditional supply chain, which moves goods from the vendor, often a manufacturer or reseller, to the customer, a reseller or end-user. The reverse supply chain refers to the movement of products from the customer, in this case, your organization, to a vendor. In some cases, that vendor is the original equipment manufacturer. But you can often recover greater value by working with an ITAD partner. 

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ITAM Considerations for the Evolving Data Center

August 2, 2018


Traditional data centers are physical facilities that house an organization’s IT operations and equipment. Routers, networking switches, security devices, storage systems, servers, environmental controls, and redundant power systems all play a role.

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July 2018

used data center equipment

Global Markets and Your Used Data Center Equipment: 3 Things to Avoid When Setting Up Your ITAD Partnership

July 25, 2018


Does your organization still discard its used equipment through an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)? It’s a popular solution to the challenges associated with managing a company’s IT infrastructure. While it may seem to make logistics easier — and it does offer a bit of trade-in value so you can upgrade your equipment — failing to take advantage of the global market for used data center equipment is rarely the best option.

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