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March 2018

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ITAD & Meeting Your Data Center Sustainability Goals

March 28, 2018


Whether you are riding the wave of the green data center or just looking to keep your enterprise IT standards high, sustainability is a hot topic right now. A commitment to data center sustainability includes daily operations, naturally. Beyond that, take a look at your partners. ITAD offers an often-overlooked area to make sustainability upgrades.

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data center infrastructure and operations

Gartner’s 2018 Top Trends Impacting Data Center Infrastructure and Operations: The ITAD Implications

March 21, 2018


Predictions for tech in 2018 show ongoing, rapid shifts in how data centers do business. Gartner predicts that “outside forces will shape IT’s journey towards a digital infrastructure,” with “legacy infrastructure and operations (I&O) practices and traditional data center architectures are not sufficient to meet the demands of the digital business.”

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Data Center Equipment Remarketing Worldwide: Get Your Best Value

March 7, 2018 


We’ve discussed some of the reasons the rapidly developing data center industry is going to need ITAD. Specifically we like to emphasize how addressing ITAD up front instead of at the back end of the IT lifecycle can benefit your organization. This is particularly true in data center equipment remarketing.

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