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March 2018

data centers worldwide

Data Center Equipment Remarketing Worldwide: Get Your Best Value

March 7, 2018 


We’ve discussed some of the reasons the rapidly developing data center industry is going to need ITAD. Specifically we like to emphasize how addressing ITAD up front instead of at the back end of the IT lifecycle can benefit your organization. This is particularly true in data center equipment remarketing.

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data center ROI

Moving the Conversation Beyond the ROI of Data Center Consolidation

March 7, 2018


ROI is a hot topic for data centers looking to consolidate — and for good reason. Cost savings are the primary driver behind colocation and cloud-adoption strategies.

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February 2018

As data centers change, smart ITAD can align sustability with profit

As Data Centers Change, Smart ITAD Can Align Sustainability with Profit

February 22, 2018


Data centers are going through a period of remarkable change and growth. Consolidation, colocation, cloud, hybrid cloud: they all have an impact on hardware. And that’s where ITAD comes in.

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