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February 2018

Data Center equipment influx is coming

Data Center Equipment is About to Flood the Market — Here's How to Maximize Your Resale Potential

February 12, 2018


The start of 2018 has brought the usual round of predictions and forecasts for IT industry growth. AI is popular this year, naturally. But one trend with immediate implications for ITAD is the massive growth of data centers.

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January 2018

What ITAD insurance do you really need?

ITAD Insurance: What Do You Really Need?


January 26, 2018


When you’re going through the standard list of “things to look for in an ITAD provider,” ITAD insurance will probably come up. While insurance sounds critical, it’s often a red herring that can distract you from asking an ITAD provider more important questions. Promises of comprehensive insurance policies are unrealistic and unnecessary.

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Most Data Breaches Don't Occur From Compromised Data Center Assets

January 19, 2018


Massive growth in the use of data centers has forced the evolution of IT asset management. That includes basic changes — like tagging hardware assets as you acquire them — to more complex practices — like integrating business management with IT asset procurement.

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