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December 2017

Why do ITAD Providers Focus on Selling Fear?

Is your ITAD provider selling fear? And are you buying it?

While not a universal approach in the industry, many ITAD providers’ marketing emphasizes the threat of costly data breaches and illegal dumping that could result from disposal of your IT equipment with anyone but them. These providers often characterize ITAD as an incredibly sophisticated and complicated process. The reality: thousands of companies are R2 certified and have secure and responsible recycling processes in place.

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Creating Your ITAD "Dream Team"


To maximize your IT cost recovery, you need a team to manage your IT assets from acquisition to disposal. Surprisingly, creating this ITAD “dream team” probably doesn’t require any new hires — just identifying some key players and making sure they are communicating.

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What's in Our E-Waste?.png

What's in Our E-Waste — and How Can We Cut Back? [Infographic]

Humans discard electronic equipment and appliances as e-waste on a staggering scale worldwide. The United Nations University  reports that, in 2014 alone, communities around the globe generated 41.8 million tons of e-waste. The UN predicts this number will swell to 55 million tons by 2018. 

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