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Refurbished GPUs Offer Affordable, High-Quality Computing Power 

refurbished GPUs

April 9, 2018


Demand for GPU acceleration is rising rapidly. Originally the domain of high-performance computing, GPUs are now integrated in to servers driving AI learning in diverse markets.

Gartner reports that the discrete GPU market grew by 29% in 2016, and it’s expected to nearly double by 2021. This growth is driven mainly by the use of GPUs as accelerators within data centers.

With the growth of machine learning touching so many industries, we’re finding that not everyone needs a brand-new GPU to get the job done. Here are some benefits of buying refurbished GPUs and what to look for in the GPU refurbishment process.    

Why refurbished GPUs?

When you’re integrating GPUs into your system’s workloads, you are looking for quality first. Affordability is harder to come by with GPUs.

With new units priced at $10k a piece for just a processor, you’re undertaking a very significant investment per server for a rapidly changing technology. Refurbished GPUs can offer you the same compute power for far less cash.

We always recommend strategically growing your hardware acquisitions. There’s a real danger in overinvesting in new tech. Part of an organized I&O strategy includes smart purchasing. Going refurbished for GPUs offers a unique opportunity to add on cutting-edge tech with a reasonable buy-in. 

The GPU refurbishment process  

So how do you know you’re getting high-quality remarketed products? The markers of an excellent refurbishment process include sourcing and screening.

We’ve developed our own line of GPUs in response to the market demand. Every GPU we get in comes from a top infrastructure as a service company. The supply from our trusted IaaS partners includes both new and refurbished units. We apply our in-house testing process to each unit.

With strict guidelines on pass rates, our first step is to carefully screen each unit. We do not consider units that do not meet our stringent standards for the resale market.

Once a unit passes screening, it’s refurbished, repacked, and ready to remarket under our warranty. With the cost savings from investing in a refurbished product and peace of mind through a warranty, going refurbished for your GPU needs is a win-win.

Ready for GPU demand growth

Remarketing trends clearly indicate the rising demand for GPUs. Another significant statistic reported by Gartner is that by 2021, 10% of all servers will be optimized to use GPUs. As a result, Gartner predicts many cloud and enterprise data centers will be running GPU-based servers alongside their existing infrastructure.

As a registered NVIDIA partner, we are working with the best in the GPU business to stay on top of the demands and challenges of accelerated computing. Check back for more on how buying remarketed GPUs offers you the quality that you need and the value that you want.

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