Top 3 Reasons to Buy Refurbished GPUs in 2018


buy refurbished GPUs
April 19, 2018


Across a wide variety of industries, data analytics are booming. Along with this growth comes the inevitable demand for better, faster tech. GPU-accelerated databases provide the parallel compute capabilities needed for deep learning at rapid speeds.

We advocate a conservative approach when investing in new hardware. It’s best to have firm grasp on what gear you’ve got, and then work with what you have until it’s cost-effective to sell.

In the case of GPUs, though, if you want to play in the fast lane, you will need to buy up. Investing in refurbished GPUs will meet your computing needs, while breaking through some of the common barriers of acquiring GPUs.

Here are three reasons to buy refurbished GPUs this year.

3 reasons to buy refurbished GPUs

1) Get the speed you need for less.

The number one barrier to investing in new technology is cost. Adding GPUs into the mix disrupts the status quo for enterprise data centers.

TechTarget’s SearchDataCenter reports that with “large, complex and expensive as enterprise database platforms, there's an understandable hesitance to rip and replace.” While major cloud providers are offering GPU-accelerated computing, “most of the companies offering GPU-accelerated database systems are small startups.” Regardless, for companies looking to quickly analyze large data sets, “the raw performance gains will be impossible to ignore.”

The chance to upgrade to GPU-accelerated analytics now isn’t limited by cost — if you are a smart buyer. Buying refurbished GPUs offers the chance to get in the game for a fraction of the cost of buying new.

2) You get the same quality and power.

Purchasing from a reputable vendor with high refurbishment standards will ensure you’re getting a quality product. At CNE, for example, all of our new and refurbished GPUs come from only top IaaS providers.

We then conduct rigorous testing — all in house — to ensure units meet our high standards. In an anti-static environment, we test a full data transfer between each unit and the server to gauge PCIe performance. We then put all units through a 12-consecutive-hour stress test (including a LINPACK test) to ensure no hardware failure. Finally, we capture serial numbers of units that pass and carefully package parts in impact-resistant, anti-static packing.

In this way, we ensure that all refurbished GPUs available for purchase have retained their quality, so buyers get the computing power they require.

3) Warranties assure you are covered.

You can buy refurbished confidently. In addition to our specialized, detailed testing process, we offer a comprehensive warranty with all of our GPU products.

Our historic failure rates are less than 1%. But buyers can rest assured that any defective cards are replaced immediately for the length of the warranty. We stock replacement cards worldwide, ready for immediate shipment, in the rare event of unit failure.

When you buy refurbished GPUs, accelerated computing becomes more accessible — without the sky-high price tag of brand-new gear. Just make sure you’re buying from a vendor with rigorous testing standards and a comprehensive warranty program so you know quality and performance won’t be an issue.

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