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What is a Factory Recertified Hard Drive?

Factory Recertified Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are “refurbished” by the drive's manufacturer and undergo rigorous testing guidelines until they are deemed “like new” with zero power-on hours.

Factory Recertified HDDs are predominantly manufacturer product returns or removed from unsold product, which for various reasons can no longer be considered new. The HDD must pass a manufacturer's strict guideline for testing to be labeled as a “Factory Recertified” product. HDDs that do not meet these stringent testing requirements are not sold as “Factory Recertified.”

CNE Direct is an Authorized Distributor for this category of HDDs specializing in the resale of Seagate and Hitachi Global Storage (HGST) factory refurbished drives. If you are interested in purchasing HDDs with zero POH, low RMA rates, original manufacturer packaging and consistent supply - contact us.