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Why do ITAD Providers Focus on Selling Fear?

Here are some tips on how to create your ITAD “dream team” — with or without dedicated ITAD staff.

Is your ITAD provider selling fear? And are you buying it?

While not a universal approach in the industry, many ITAD providers’ marketing emphasizes the threat of costly data breaches and illegal dumping that could result from disposal of your IT equipment with anyone but them. These providers often characterize ITAD as an incredibly sophisticated and complicated process. The reality: thousands of companies are R2 certified and have secure and responsible recycling processes in place.

ITAD Myths vs. Reality

So what myths are out there about IT asset disposal? Let’s break down the two major fear selling points.

Myth #1: If you don’t destroy your hard drives onsite, your data will get compromised and you will lose millions of dollars to lawsuits.

Reality: Data breaches happen — from software breaches. Hacking and software breaches are behind virtually all contemporary data breaches. Put simply, data breaches just don’t happen from data being wiped in a secure recycling facility. Or, you can choose to have your hard drives wiped onsite at your company’s facility.

Either way, look for an R2-certified ITAD provider. The R2 standard requires strict safeguards throughout the ITAD process and emphasizes resale of your used IT assets. The risk of data breach during disposal does exist, but your ITAD provider can easily mitigate it with a secure process.

Myth #2: Any other ITAD provider but us will dump your stuff, and then a serial number found on equipment in a landfill will track liability back to you.

Reality: A properly certified provider that is focused on getting your maximum resale value will not do this. If you are using an R2-certified provider, dumping is antithetical to the whole R2 concept. Keeping products in the economy through refurbishment and resale is paramount to the R2 certification. If materials are not reusable, the R2 certification requires ITAD providers to conduct “due diligence” on downstream recyclers.

Don’t be distracted by fear.

When a provider sells ITAD as a high-risk operation, they are probably not focused on your cost recovery. Don’t let fear distract you from asking simple questions. Keep an eye out for any providers that emphasis destruction of hard drives for “security.” Hard drives can easily be wiped to secure standards and remarketed for resale — with the profits coming back into your pocket.

Also, watch out for long-term contracts that have you bundle your IT equipment without sorting by age and type. These are both red flags that an ITAD provider is selling you a contract for disposal, not putting in the work to resell your used IT gear and to maximize your profits.

Keep it simple.

Don’t let a potential provider overcomplicate your IT asset disposal. Make sure you are working with a provider that offers you solutions for cost recovery rather than selling you fear.

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